Disc Problems

Problems of the neck (cervical) discs and low back (lumbar) discs vary widely in severity and how a person feels. You might have numbness and/or tingling in your fingers or toes, pain in the shoulder or hip, pain that radiates down the arm or leg, weakness within an arm or leg, trouble bending forward at the waist, difficulty when moving your head to look up, down or even looking over either or both shoulders. There are also many terms that doctors of all types use when it comes to disc problems such as: slipped disc, herniated disc, prolapsed disc, disc protrusion, disc bulge, extruded disc, degenerative disc disease, or even others.

All of those terms are confusing and aren’t used at Zumbrota Chiropractic. When Dr. Post talks about any disc issue, he simply looks for an irritated disc. He isn’t an MRI machine of any sort, however, he uses simple functional tests to determine if you have an irritated disc in your neck or lower back. When and if irritated discs are found, simple easy corrections are performed that bring about significant changes very quickly. For example, strength is returned to weakened muscles, numbness and tingling in the fingers disappears and bending forward at the waist becomes much easier with significantly reduced pain the same day in most cases.

Two common conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica, are usually caused by an irritated disc. Correcting the irritated disc brings about rapid relief and balancing the body using Zone Technique enables the body to heal fully. Dr. Post has treated countless numbers of carpal tunnel syndrome over the years with amazing results. Over 99% of patients report that the numbness and tingling in their hands and fingers disappear the same day they are treated. Full healing, however, will take additional visits in most cases. Normal, natural healing usually takes a little time but is the better option than having a surgical procedure performed.