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Jared Post, D.C.


Dr. Post is originally from Zumbrota, MN. After studies to obtain a degree in law enforcement, he began having unrelenting heartburn. He started visiting a chiropractor in Lake City, MN and after his first visit, the heartburn disappeared never bothering him again.

The amazement of what could be achieved by the power of touch caused him to pursue the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic. The power of healing without drugs and/or surgery still amazes him to this day.

Certified in Zone Technique, this is utilized to help you unlock and unleash your body’s powerful natural healing abilities. Dr. Post has studied several other techniques and may use parts of these methods to help you feel better as fast as possible. Most patients feel significantly better by the end of their first visit.


Carol Post

Patient Support Specialist

Carol is our Patient Support Specialist. Being in the office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, she will help get you scheduled if you call in for a question or to schedule a consultation or appointment. On these days she will be there to chat about the weather, events nearby, other happenings or interests if you have to wait prior to your appointment, if needed, in the case that Dr. Post is running a few minutes behind.

Additionally, she will assist you with completing payment for services rendered and/or products purchased during your visit. At this time, she will be glad to set up a follow-up visit if you would like to schedule one of these visits right away.


I feel much better after one session. I’m very impressed with Dr. Post and his techniques. Thank you very much!

– Shawn J.

Excellent chiropractor – gets the job done and takes care of what is needed for your adjustments. Best chiropractor I’ve been to.

– Victoria R.

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