Chiropractic Care

A Timeless Healing Art

Chiropractic, as it is known today, began in 1895 when its founder, Daniel David Palmer, “adjusted” the spine of a deaf janitor and restored his hearing. Spinal manipulation, while not widely known in this country at the time, was not a brand-new treatment back in 1895 and Palmer never claimed to be the first to use manipulation for the cure of disease.

Centuries ago, Hippocrates who is considered the father of modern medicine, stated “Look well to the spine, for the cause for disease.” There are also several other historic depictions of manipulative practices of the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and others. Chiropractic continues to be a leader, supporting the natural healing ability of the body.

Today, chiropractic care has become the best and safest solution for conditions such as sprains, strains, headaches, neck pain, carpal tunnel symptoms, low back pain, improved sports performance and more. It is helps infants who are said to have colic, are constipated, have hip dysfunction and other health issues. Additionally, it helps the elderly stay more flexible, stay stronger, strengthen their immune system, improve their balance as well as other benefits.

There is a significant amount of people who still reach for over-the-counter pain relievers, take prescription medications, or opt for surgical interventions these things do have the potential for either serious side-effects, long-term morbidity (continued suffering after a surgical procedure, for example) or even death in some instances. There are a growing number of individuals who either want to avoid these potential side effects or want a safer, more natural solution that doesn’t cost as much as it does just to walk into a medical doctor’s office. Others have taken the modern medicine route and not had the instant relief that they thought they would achieve or had a surgical procedure done that didn’t solve the problem and continue to live in pain.

The great news is that with specialized chiropractic care, we can not only eliminate pain, but can unleash the powerful healing ability of the body. Utilizing the Zone Technique, healthcare practitioners including chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists and even the super intelligent medical doctors are having unparalleled results helping people completely heal from almost anything.

Dr. Post’s Personal Results

Dr. Post has received tremendous benefit from regular Zone Technique treatments since March 2021. Initially, he began to receive treatments in order to decrease his body’s insulin requirements being a type-1 diabetic since the age of 22 months. The first results, however, were a little different, than expected. My first treatment eliminated all the anxiety that he had been suffering from for a long as he could remember. A number of months later, with a Zone One treatment, he finally started to see positive results with needing a little less insulin for a couple of days. He thought it was kind of interesting, each of the four spots that his chiropractor adjusted were notably sore at the time. I would be a little while later, in September 2021 where he needed less and less insulin more consistently, at the time and currently, needing one-third (or 33%) less insulin than before. The large, well known, medical establishment in this region is unable to do that, but a certified Zone Technique doctor can achieve these unparalleled results without a sweat.

There is another very positive result that he has obtained from consistent care under the care of another Zone Technique certified chiropractor. This part of his results, however, is for one of those times you might be in the office during a treatment, and you ask him about the other positive outcome that he didn’t mention on this website. The really cool thing about all of these results is that NONE of them has anything to do with discomfort or pain. Pain has been the reason most people tend to visit a chiropractic office, the Zone Technique is changing this, with its ability to truly heal the body.

The power of the Zone Technique, however, is that the body is able to heal, better than it had been doing because after each treatment the brain is able to monitor (or see) the body perfectly again and also govern (or control, send the proper orders to, etc.) the body again. In this way, people with severe health issues, such as people with liver failure and on the liver transplant list have been able to completely heal their livers by undergoing simple, easy, super affordable Zone Technique treatments. If utilizing the Zone Technique is able to cases as severe as this, it can help you too, even if you are just having back or neck pain, digestive issues, sciatica, carpal tunnel, etc. The list is almost endless for what can be healed by implementing the Zone Technique.

Types of Chiropractic Care

There are many types of chiropractic care available in the world today. Some of these include Diversified, Activator Methods, Gonstead, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Thompson Technique, Sacro Occipital Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Logan Basic plus more than a hundred other chiropractic techniques, methods or systems that can be used. Even with that, one chiropractor utilizing one of these techniques will most likely be completely different in the approach and application of the principles and application of that technique than another chiropractor who uses that same technique. All chiropractors are a little different and that is not a problem. Your goal should be to find a chiropractor who you are comfortable with and has your best interests at heart.

One of the major downfalls of all the techniques and chiropractic systems mentioned in the previous paragraph is that they never take the brain, and how it’s functioning, into account. These systems either never mention the brain, or just assume that the brain if functioning correctly. Most of us know people who have either anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or other issues where the brain is NOT working correctly. Chiropractors need to start looking at the brain, this is the key to unlocking and unleashing the body’s powerful ability to heal. The Zone Technique is based on analyzing and balancing the brain so that it functions perfectly, and this is why utilizing this technique has unparalleled results.

If you are ready to unlock and unleash your body’s amazing ability to heal? If so, book an appointment or call now.


Absolutely AMAZING. My aunt referred this place to me. He has gotten my heartburn to go away and made my shoulders loose which have been tight for about 5 years. He doesn’t pop or crack anything. He uses a pressure technique that sets things into place. He is just amazing. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

– Megan W. F.

Never been to a chiropractor in my life, I woke up with severe lower back pain, could hardly walk. Dr. Post took the information I gave him and determined what needed to be done. When I left, I was 50% better, 2 days later just about 100%. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

– Greg B.

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