Zone Technique for Unparalleled Healing Results



The body becomes unbalanced when it is unable to properly adapt and integrate STRESS. The three types of stresses we experience are PHYSICAL (trauma), CHEMICAL (toxins, poor diet, allergens, etc.), and MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (negative thought patterns, emotional trauma, prolonged/excess stresses, etc.).

With Zone Technique adjustments, the brain can be restored to balance, allowing for its proper monitoring and controlling of the whole body. This results in more energy, better health, improved function of the entire body and an increased natural resistance to stress and dis-ease. More importantly, resetting dysfunctional systems unlocks the body’s ability to heal from almost anything.


When the brain is reset, it properly monitors and governs all the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body so the body can finally heal. If you are looking to feel better, heal and live your life with the ability to move, perform and function better than you can right now, book an appointment or call now.

Learn more about the Zones and the body…

Zone 1: Glandular System

Glandular system – the body’s thermostat. This system involves the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, uterus and ovaries, prostate and gonads, and several other glands. They are responsible for important bodily functions related memory, energy, appetite regulation, sleep, and relaxation.

Strong immune function

Great concentration and memory

Perfect, restful sleep

Normal, healthy appetite

Excellent skin, hair and nails

Normal energy and emotional balance

Excellent reproductive function

Zone 2: Eliminative System

Elimination system – the body’s waste disposal plant. This system includes all of the organs involved in waste elimination, such as the kidneys, bladder, skin, and lungs. This system is designed to reduce toxin buildup within the body which, in turn, helps strengthen immune function, eases respiratory function, and reduces bloating.

Less colds and flu

Optimal respiratory function

Powerful immune function & infection fighting ability

Proper bowel movements

Proper allergen removal

Reduce toxic build up within the body

Zone 3: Nervous System

Nervous system – an intelligent communication network. The brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) and all of the other nerves (the peripheral nervous system), and that each one responsible for a different function. For instance, some contribute to better mood and improved sleep, whereas others promote eye and ear health or balance the body’s hormones.

Excellent balance

Strong mental acuity

Promotes normal digestion and elimination

Ability to relax and be energized when you want to

Normal sense organ function (eyes, ears, nose, etc.)

Ability to heal quickly

Zone 4: Digestive System

Digestive system – supplying the energy for life. The human body needs certain nutrients to survive, and the digestive system is responsible for taking these nutrients from the food sources we eat and breaking them down, so they are more available for the cells that need them. This helps normalize weight, while also boosting energy.

Normalize weight and boost energy levels

Improved bowel movements

Sustain healthy liver, intestines and gall bladder

Perfect digestion and assimilation of all foods

Normalizes blood sugar levels

Decrease and eliminate food sensitivities/allergies

Salivary gland health and normalize sense of taste

Zone 5: Muscular System

Muscular system – the framework of the body. This system includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments as all of these soft tissues are responsible for helping the body move more freely and without pain or tenderness. This system is also responsible for our strength, flexibility, and ability to retain balance.

Normal feeling and strength in all limbs

Strong muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons and joints

Ability to move doing what you want, when you want

Healthy, pain free muscles, joints and joint motion

Expedite muscle recovery and improve strength

Reduce/eliminate chronic pain and improve posture

Restore center of gravity and eliminate dizziness

Zone 6: Circulatory System

Circulatory system – the body’s plumbing system. To function efficiently, the body’s cells need to intake nutrients and oxygen and expel waste. The circulatory system assists with this process by circulating blood-based “carriers” responsible for picking up and dropping off these substances, sending them through the body at a normal pressure and rate.

Strong, healthy cardiovascular function

Normalize blood pressure and improve relaxation

Proper lymphatic function (eliminate toxins/waste)

Normal functioning thyroid gland

Excellent blood flow to all organs and tissues

Better movement of the limbs and joints

The Power of the Zone Technique:

Most chiropractic techniques work, to some degree, but many patients are left without getting better or healing completely. The Zone Technique understands that the brain is not able to properly monitor all the systems of the body, and as a result, is not able to send the correct signals (or commands) to all systems, organs, tissues and cells of the body. The problem with all other chiropractic techniques is that they just assume that the brain is already sending the correct commands out to the body and that’s why there is only limited positive response to all of these other techniques. Sure, a number of people do improve and get symptomatic relief, however, there are a many more who get only partially better, only better for a limited amount of time, or not better at all.

Dr. Post has utilized Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (AMCT) for nearly 20 years. While he did have pretty good success, there were times he had been disappointed along the way because some people don’t get better at all no matter how hard he tried. Many more get some relief or relief that only lasts for some amount of time. Due to how many people super tight and sore muscles, Dr. Post searched for a technique that allows him to reset all of the muscles of the body fairly easily. While he didn’t exactly find exactly that, he found something even better – the Zone Technique. This allows all systems of the body to heal and operate perfectly so that not only will muscles be strong, flexible and pain free, but all the other systems of the body will be able to heal and operate perfectly too.

The brain needs to be able to monitor what is going on in the body as well as be able to send the right signals or commands out in order for us to experience perfect health. It’s completely normal to be healthy – even though, these days there is so much sickness everywhere we look. If you fix the control center of the brain that monitors and governs the system (or zone) of the body that isn’t working correctly – you will heal. There will never be a day that you have perfectly balanced zones, and you still have symptoms.


I’d always been a skeptic about chiros, but it was try that or go to the ER. My neck was so stiff and sore from feeding my baby, I could barely lift my head to get out of bed. I had to grab a hank of my own hair and support its weight that way to get up. He was able to see me that day, and his techniques were different than I expected. No twisting your head or kneeling on your back. He didn’t put me in any discomfort. I was able to move better immediately, and in a few days my neck was 100% better without having to go in repeatedly. I’ll be going back in the future if something is out of whack, that’s for sure.

– Danielle C.

Dr. Post is an amazing chiropractic doctor. I have always walked out feeling amazing and felt my best interests were his main concern. I would recommend him to everyone and will always return to him for my care. I drive 40 to 45 minutes to see him from my home to see him. You couldn’t ask for a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Post.

– Mike W.

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