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Nutrition is difficult. Many people believe that they eat well enough to get everything their bodies need to get and stay healthy. Unfortunately, most people receive no education on this subject. Knowledge is power when it comes to nutrition.

Additionally, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) does more harm than good, in my opinion. They have approved way too many harmful food additives such as preservatives, unhealthy fats, chemicals and toxins that are added to the foods and drinks we consume daily, worsening America’s poor health.

Typically, the only way to quantify what the body needs is to measure its nutritional deficiencies, by performing medical testing which should be done routinely and may be expensive. Even after you get the test results, you might find out what you need, however, it can be extremely difficult to know how to change your diet and/or which nutritional supplement is best for your situation – everyone is different. Currently, 80% of individuals are deficient in magnesium and other essential minerals and these minerals are a key component of health.

Even if you are eating more organic foods than most of the population, the food is still not as healthy as it used to be. This is due to the commercialization of farming. Instead of rotating crops, chemicals are added to farmland which has set us up for the lack of minerals in the soil. There are whole books available, written about this subject. There is no denying that foods today are not as nutritious as 100 or more years ago. Again, back to the FDA, they even approved the use of corn which produces its own pesticide to keep the bugs away.

Coming Soon…

Since nutrition is a key in achieving health and staying well, it is planned to add nutrition as a service available at Zumbrota Chiropractic. Dr. Post has seen excellent results by employing chiropractic, laser therapy and percussion therapy over the years. However, there are a percentage of cases where reaching the goals of being pain-free and achieving perfect health are not fully realized. It has been found that when people incorporate nutrition and addressing amino acid, vitamin or mineral deficiencies that are required for the body then a much higher level of health and healing is attained, and much more quickly.

The plan is to be able to address these issues in the near future so that we can achieve all of the health goals that you want.


Absolutely AMAZING. My aunt referred this place to me. He has gotten my heartburn to go away and made my shoulders loose which have been tight for about 5 years. He doesn’t pop or crack anything. He uses a pressure technique that sets things into place. He is just amazing. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

– Megan W. F.

Never been to a chiropractor in my life, I woke up with severe lower back pain, could hardly walk. Dr. Post took the information I gave him and determined what needed to be done. When I left, I was 50% better, 2 days later just about 100%. I couldn’t be happier with my results.

– Greg B.

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