Dr. Post

Nervous System – Level by Level

C1 (Atlas): Head, neck, inner and middle ear, sympathetic nerves C2 (Axis): Head, neck, upper cervical muscles, occipital nerves, suboccipital muscles, posterior cervical muscles C3: Diaphragm, neck, trapezius muscles C4: Upper shoulders, diaphragm, neck, trapezius muscles, levator scapulae muscles C5: Upper arms, diaphragm, elbows, biceps, deltoids, rhomboids C6: Wrists, thumbs, biceps, wrists, rotator cuff muscles, … Read more

Space Available for Talented Massage Therapist

With a room vacated, we have space available for a talented massage therapist at Zumbrota Chiropractic. To keep things super simple and easy, you would be an independent contractor, working whatever schedule you see fit. All we require is a low monthly room rental fee, and you keep everything else you make. With massage therapists … Read more

Who is Dr. Post?

The following is a Biography written to update the information that healthgrades.com had on their website. This outdated and incorrect information is also included on other similar websites and will be updated as time allows. Some of the information was from Dr. Charles Zupfer’s dental office, formerly at our location, which closed in 2004. It … Read more

Rauen Physical Therapy (RPT) at Zumbrota Chiropractic

Effective Physical Therapy Nancy Johnson-Rauen, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, once performed highly sought and very effective physical therapy services at Zumbrota Chiropractic. She has since retired, no longer performing physical therapy services for patients.

Jen K Massage Now at Tranquility Barn in Zumbrota, MN

This is an update on a blog post from a while back. Jen Kyllo had been providing her massage services out of Zumbrota Chiropractic. Now that her building has been fully renovated she is providing her amazing massage therapy services at her new location at Tranquility Barn located at 654 South Main Street, Zumbrota, MN. … Read more